Hi, I’m Andrew. I work in data analytics; you can find me on Twitter here.

That’s me!

I’ve gotten rocked by life over the past few months. But I’m trying to look on the bright side – I now place a much bigger focus on my mental health. It’s a process, with a lot of setbacks, but I’m trying to stay committed to it.

Why I’m coordinating a support group for millennials with high stress jobs: A lot of us are struggling, especially mentally. At least for me, it’s helpful to discuss my struggles with others who can probably relate to what I’m going through.

That’s Thumper!

I’m actively trying to make more internet friends – feel free to say hi! Seriously, it would probably make my day 😀

Why my content is so short: At the moment, it’s realistically the best I can get myself to do.

Contact: andrew [at] plphilosophy.com