My first podcast episode with Scott Dunn!

Just posted a 33-minute podcast episode with Scott Dunn, an independent filmmaker. The podcast is currently being propagated to other distribution platforms; here is the current link to the episode on!

Some highlights of the episode are listed below:

2:50 – Trying to find the balance between persistence vs burning out

3:55 – Sidestepping the traditional ‘gatekeepers’ in Hollywood

6:58 – Brief description of Scott’s film ‘Mandao of the Dead

8:30 – Outreach is no fun, putting ourselves out there, getting smacked down, moving forward

14:24 – The failure of Andrew’s startup (fuseGap)

17:30 – Andrew’s current struggle with actually starting a podcast

18:13 – Low-value, high-energy-cost activities where you can’t win

20:10 – Andrew’s challenge of effectively explaining my podcast to startup cofounders

21:30 – Scott’s challenge of marketing his stuff on a tiny budget

24:10 – Depression/mental health struggles amongst millennials, the stigma of talking about personal struggles

25:30 – Social media, viewing other people’s highlight films + a game you can’t win

26:55 – The stigma against professionals discussing personal weaknesses specifically in America

27:54 – Trying to get millennials to talk about our mental struggles, social isolation

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